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PE Protective Film Covering Machine horizontal

The traditional manual for safety film coating is sprayed with a squeegee after spraying water, and then naturally dried. However, it will take longer time, and the worker's method for operation is different. It is difficult to ensure coating effect.
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<1>The positioning of the shaft in the lifting platform will not scratch the glass and damage the conveying roller.
<2>Dust removal device to avoid secondary dust pollution on glass.
<3>Waiting function to control the spacing between glass, reduce the waste of the film and avoid scratching the glass. 
<4>Brake device to adapt to the tightness of the film and adjust strength.
<5>The feeding roller and the relasing roller are air shafts, which will be more convenient to exchange materials.
<6>Cutting automatically with serrated steel knife which is durable.
<7>PLC program control, there are automatic mode, semi-sutomatic model and manual model, whcih is convenient for different requirements.
Detail Description
Model Max Width Coating Directions Dimensions
H1300 1200MM ONE SIDE COATING L3230*W2000*H1350
H1600 1500MM ONE SIDE COATING L3230*W2300*H1350
H2300 2100MM ONE SIDE COATING L3230*W3000*H1370

Classification: Cold Laminating Machine
Application: Film Material
Driven Type: Electric
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Membrane Material: PET Film
Plastic Film Mulching Modes: Cold Laminating