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Vertical PE Protective Film Covering Machine for insulation glass

Item No.: V1900
The traditional manual for safety film coating is sprayed with a squeegee after spraying water, and then naturally dried. However, it will take longer time, and the worker's method for operation is different. It is difficult to ensure coating effect.
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Vertical PE Protective Film Covering Machine for insulation glass
1. The length of the equipment shall be based on the actual design, supported by vertical inclined rollers; Can smoothly transport single or hollow glass.
2. PLC+touch screen control system; Servo precise control for conveying, with adjustable conveying speed.
3. Single or double sided lamination, with adjustable lamination tension; The film thickness is automatically adjustable; The lamination pressure is adjustable.
4. Use a rubber roller with moderate hardness, with even and adjustable pressing force, and a smooth back wheel that will not cause scratches on the glass.
5. The glass spacing is automatically controllable, achieving double-sided internal shrinkage film cutting and automatic waste film removal.
6. The peripheral edge sealing film function can be added as needed.
7. It can be connected to the overhead line and the unloading platform or robotic arm.
8. The overall frame is painted and has a beautiful appearance

<1>The positioning of the shaft in the lifting platform will not scratch the glass and damage the conveying roller.
<2>Dust removal device to avoid secondary dust pollution on glass.
<3>Waiting function to control the spacing between glass, reduce the waste of the film and avoid scratching the glass. 
<4>Brake device to adapt to the tightness of the film and adjust strength.
<5>The feeding roller and the relasing roller are air shafts, which will be more convenient to exchange materials.
<6>Cutting automatically with serrated steel knife which is durable.
<7>PLC program control, there are automatic mode, semi-sutomatic model and manual model, whcih is convenient for different requirements.

Classification: Cold Laminating Machine
Application: Film Material
Driven Type: Electric
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Membrane Material: PET Film
Plastic Film Mulching Modes: Cold Laminating